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Lew Dawson


I'm an avid professional programmer. Since write my first program in QBASIC in 1995, I haven't stopped coding. From horrible websites of the 90's--yep, I did those--to enterprise desktop and web applications, I've seen it all. Over the years, I've developed in more languages than I can probably remember--C, C++, Pascal, Java, Node.js, SQL, Python, to name a few. In recent years, I find myself heavily involved in Java, Node.js, and Python development, but I have many others I dabble in.

By nights and weekends, I work on my coding projects and my photography.

The aim of my blog is to provided high-quality commentary and solutions on a wide variety of topics.

I'd love to hear from you whether it's questions or feedback. Email me at lew.dawson[at]

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